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 The Types of Relations We Offer

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PostSubject: The Types of Relations We Offer   Tue 29 Jun - 9:49

We at Plasma Fusion Offer Various Types of Relations. Below, is a list of Relation Types We Offer. You Can find a List of Groups We have Relations with Here

Netural = If A Group is Netural, then No Pact has been Made. However, contact has. Both groups are aware of each other's presence.

Friendly = If A Group is Friendly, then Relations has started between both groups. A Pact is being formed, or is in the process of negociations.

Friendly {NAP} = If A Group is Friendly {NAP}, Then a Non-Agression Pact Has Been Made. You Can Find the Terms Of the Pact In the Embassy Forums Within the Foreign Office.

Alliance = If a Group Has Made an Alliance, This means members of that group have agreed to Join Plasma Fusion. Members of that group will be given the Rank of Ensign or Lieutenant. They Will Also Be Given the Base Course Medal in their Signature. Any Officer Refusing to Transfer to us will be kicked out of the group. Further action will take hold is necessary.

Hostile = If A Group is Hostile, That means that contact has been made, however, we haven't been greated with Respect and have chosen to withdraw our application for relations.

Code Red Hostile = If a Group is Code Red Hostile, This means that A Group has tried to attack us via our communications, the forums, or the server. Under no circumstances do we negotiate with a group with this label.
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The Types of Relations We Offer
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